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A Simple Thank You!!!

A majority of you may know, though some may not, exactly how much I appreciate all of my readers. Crush Velvet Club is more a than website, it is a gift, a true blessing from God. I have dedicated my life to CVC, but more importantly what it stands for. “Live.Life.Free.Spirit.Love.Liberate” aren’t just random words … Continue reading

Life’s Ray-Bans

I hope all is well with my velveteers, I just wanted to let you guys know that I pray for the club everyday, and it’s members. I appreciate your love and you’re helping me follow my dreams. So it’s only fair if I give a little advice on following your own. Once you’ve found what … Continue reading

The Glory of Oratory

The power of the tongue is one the greatest, but yet underappreciated, powers that a human being could ever possess. The bible regards to the tongue as a “two-edged sword,” meaning that it is able to cut in two manners. First, a manner of positivity and strength, slicing through disparity and hopelessness, speaking of victory … Continue reading