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A Simple Thank You!!!

A majority of you may know, though some may not, exactly how much I appreciate all of my readers. Crush Velvet Club is more a than website, it is a gift, a true blessing from God. I have dedicated my life to CVC, but more importantly what it stands for. “Live.Life.Free.Spirit.Love.Liberate” aren’t just random words … Continue reading

Kanye West at Paris Fashion Week

After months of only tidbits of information, which built an enormous ora of mystery, and uncertainty, Kanye finally releases his Spring/Summer Collection for his female clothing line “DW by Kanye West.” With out a doubt one of the premier events of Paris’ Fashion Week, which is ironic considering he is the rookie, but again considering … Continue reading

Fall Fashion

Fall holds a special place in my heart, mostly because of my birthday being in October, but also because of the feeling that this particular season gives me. The beautiful hues of nature and the cool breezes that catch your face as walk through the yard, its something special. The most exciting part for me … Continue reading