Welcome to the House of Velvet! Crush Velvet Club is a league of extraordinary people, a place where peak lapels and velvet slippers meets motivation and positive reinforcement. I am proud to say that there is no other place in the world like this, originally created to discuss life as a fashion enthusiast, I was inspired add other pillars of joy, such as work ethic and faith. This co-ed club is exclusively for incredible dressers, the open-minded, free-spirited, and liberated individual. The mission is to spread knowledge and uplift through eclectic expression and culture filled forms of entertainment. There are many art forms that have influenced billions over the years, but the one that even the simplest mind can comprehend is fashion. We are the artist, our bodies are the canvas, our minds are the brush(instrument of expression), and everyday we get up and paint ourselves, through fabric, according to our moods and surroundings. So I figured that CVC is full of (Picasso)s and (Da Vinci)s. Let’s change this world together, one lapel at a time!


One thought on “WELCOME TO CVC

  1. Very Happy for Izzy and everyone who participated in this project! It is looking GREAT!!! My support goes out and I look forward to the growth of this movement.

    Signing out…

    ~That Boy E-Walk

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