I am Isaiah Hughes, also known as “Izzy”, an alumni of Tuskegee University with a bachelors in Political Science. I am currently a Second Leuitenent in the United States Air Force and I work in the ABM field.

I grew up in South West Atlanta (Greenbriar/Zone4) living with my grandparents and mother. From Ben Hill, I attended Dunwoody High School, where I was introduced to Air Force ROTC. Competing in national competitions and succeeding, I knew that I wanted to serve my country.

I enjoy movies, music, art, and of course fashion. My love for fashion was sparked by my grandfather who owns upwards of 30 suits, shoes, ties, and countless accessories. In the third grade he gave me cologne and told me to tuck my shirt in, of course I was laughed at in school then, but it made me the man I am today.

Fashion has been a part of my life since I was seven, and it will remain an imperative aspect of overall character and future endeavors.  I am also addicted to fitness and a healthy way of living.  I work hard, but I also enjoy the simple things in life like laughing and helping others.

 I’ve had many hardships during my childhood, but I’ve grown to realize it was so I could relate, support, and give back to others. This is the precise reason why I created this blog. It’s for me to give advice from my life’s experiences, and also motivate and inspire others to do great things. I want to touch the world, one lapel at a time.


4 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

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  2. This is a gifted young man so don’t sleep on him! He is bound for success and makes his own rules on how to get there but is definitely God driven!

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