Glory of War

This is more of a testament than anything. After all what better way to reach the masses than sharing your own tears. Tears of joy, tears of pain, tears of regret and resentment. I think I’ve cried every type of tear that there could possibly be. I’ve recently engaged in tear to tear combat, from frustration and a feeling of defeat, which I am quite used to. It felt like I was at war, a constant struggle, like I was cloaked in pain. Then I quickly realized who I was, my spirit reminded me of what I have become. My mind served me memories of pass battles I have fought. Past war zones where I have lived and flourished. Past trenches of depression and disparity. As I revisited these places in my mind, I could still smell the gunpowder, I could still see the bodies of dead demons I had once defeated, the remnants of old spirits I had to loose myself of. I could see the black charr marks from fiery prayers my mother would shoot. I instantly became angry with myself because I almost forgot this side of me. I had begun to lose touch with my inner warrior. You see struggle is necessary, it can’t be skipped or bypassed. For without struggle there are no means for victory, and without pain there is no progress. Some fear war, they fear the possibility of defeat, but instead I believe in the opportunity of triumph. There are no casualties in this type of warfare, only those who choose to retreat. Being thrusted in the battlefield since birth has not always been fun, but it has given me something that no material possession can amount to, the will to fight. The passion to overcome. So I embrace war with open arms, it will make me stronger, and give me the tools I need for the ultimate victory. Will you fight or flee??


2 thoughts on “Glory of War

  1. We all struggle, but its how one handles their struggles that makes that inner warrior grow stronger to endure the tribulations of war, anguish, and despair. Thusly, I cast my struggles onto the Master who provides me with my peace of mind.

  2. My Son, This is one of the Greatest Pieces of Art, I have read, in a long time. It depicts the struggle of Jacob and the Angel he wrestled with. A place where we all go, something we must all go through; emphasis on through. Sadly, some are defeated because their man(self) is weak. Only with a true relationship in Christ Jesus, can you Overcome, be Triumphant and Victorious in the War. I am Proud of you.

    Love, Mama

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