Black & White Power

Before we get started, I would like to clarify with all of my followers who may be a Black Panther or Neo-Nazi, this is a fashion post, nothing more or less. Okay now that all of the black leather fists are lowered and crosses have stop burning, “Leh Go.”

I have been intrigued for many a season by the power of black and white, arguably the greatest hues to exist. Well these colors are the basics, which makes them a necessity, and that necessity gives them a power that cannot be reckoned with. Black and white have evolved to represent the essential relationship between Yin/Yang, Good/Evil, Light/Darkness, and Life/Death. This relationship often depicted in classic cinemas with the villain wearing black and the victor wearing white. Actually a film class is where my interest was first sparked, then after seeing Karl Lagerfield, that interest turn into a constant thought.













I continued to ask, How can he wear nothing but black and white but look so incredible every time? Then I looked closer and quickly realized that it was all in the details. Limiting yourself to only two colors forced you to be creative in every other sense of fashion. The design, the drape, the different fabrics, accessories, this is what made Mr. Lagerfield a fashion god. Then I quickly realized that this was indeed a fashion god, and I, merely young boy from Atlanta with no fashion experience, so I tucked my tail and ran.














Then an angel of soul appeared and gave me the motivation I needed. After seeing Janelle Monae, I knew that it could be done.











She did it so well, with her satin bow ties and silk white blouses, she again set boundaries in one area of fashion, which forced her to excel in others. In my opinion, wearing nothing but black and white shows the true artistic pillars of fashion. But Janelle did something else for me pay attention to this picture…………
















With the all black, her pink lipstick catches your eye first, the monotone of black and white forces your eyes to look for excitement. So why not excite them? Black and white allows you to give the people exactly what they want with minimal effort.  As stated before, the monotone forces emphasis on other elements of fashion, of course I won’t have the option of wearing lipstick, but the details of dress shirts, cuff links, gold watches, silk pocket squares, footwear, shades, mens hosiery etc., will all suffice. These accessories will allow me to punch you in the eyes (not literally, calm down) with beautiful hues while still honoring my commitment to black and white dress. Example #1……..

I have gathered the cajones to accept the challenge of black and white dress only, which has been done before, but by few and far in-between. Of course my journey will be documented for you guys. If anyone else wants to join just give me a shout and we can do this together. Just so you can get a drift of the Power of Black & White, I’ve decided to show Lapo Elkann, who is not committed to black and white, but has influenced me in my new wardrobe calling. My first day will begin Monday, May 28th at 7:00 p.m., with this weeks vlog.


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