First off, I would like to sincerely apologize, I experienced some technical difficulties. Being technically I punched my laptop across the room, and I had some difficulty getting a new one. But the important thing is that I am back, and it forced me to upgrade to better equipment which will allow me to provide you with a better product. Originally this was a script for a blog, but after recording I realized how much I didn’t like the video. Buuuuut a whack video don’t stop no show!

I just want to officially declare that I am living the #VelvetLife. Now don’t take this as me being arrogant or boastful, ironically it has everything to do with humility and meekness. Living the #VelvetLife isn’t about expensive objects or material gain, it’s all about spiritual and mental wellbeing. About creating habits that will eventually lead you to acquiring expensive objects.

For example, If you hold yourself to the highest standard, whether it be academically, physical fitness, perfecting your craft, or just excelling in all that you do….You’re livin’ the #VelvetLife

If you’ve chosen to pursue your hearts desires, to follow your dreams, no matter how impossible it may seem, or how many people may doubt you………You’re livin’ the #VelvetLife

If you pride yourself in setting trends, instead of following them…..You’re Livin’ the #VelvetLife

If it makes you sick to your stomach to see more than three people dressed alike, and when you do see it, you throw up a lil’ bit in your mouth……You’re livin’ the #VelvetLife

If after you brush your teeth, you’ve realized you ran out of Listerine, so you have to gargle with champagne…You’re livin’ the #VelvetLife

If you’re pushing yourself to your bodily limits, sacrificing the things you love most, so that you can obtain greatness. And under no circumstances will you ever settle, ever conform, and never surrender….You’re livin’ the #VelvetLife

If you think George Zimmerman is innocent…..KILL Yo Self! (And you are NOT livin’ the #VelvetLife)

Seriously, the moral of this story is, the #VelvetLife is not all diamonds and pearls. Only a certain breed of people are able to successfully operate in this lifestyle. It isn’t about being rich and famous, ironically you work like a slave (but we don’t dress like one. There is still a dress code). All of the money and fame finally come as result of this lifestyle, it is not included. I’ve started this, and it hurts, but you too can live the #VelvetLife. As a matter of fact, I am pretty sure you already do.


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