K.I.S.S. of Velvet

My outlook on life is SIMPLE……..I WANT IT ALL! Yep I said it, I want the Forbes 500 corporation, the fame, the sold out arenas, the clothing line, the beautiful wife and children, and the Aston Martin concept car that doesn’t release until 2000-infinity. Yea God give me all of that. Question is who doesn’t want that? (Don’t worry i’ll wait……….) Don’t hurt yourself, it was rhetorical. Everyone wants that, so what separates me from the other busters? Again it’s SIMPLE. The key to acquiring these many joyous possessions is a SIMPLE game of “Who can work the hardest, the longest, without quitting” And in my case I won’t render a resignation until my timely departure from this earth (so in lamen’s terms..”Imma grind till I d-i-e shawty”. It’s really that SIMPLE. The newest book that I’m reading is “Good Damn Advice (for people with talent),” and in this book George Lois speaks about there being four different types of people in this world.

Person #1: Very bright, Industrious (You’re Perfect.)
Person #2: Very bright, Lazy (A damn shame.)
Person #3: Stupid, Lazy (You’ll just sit on your ass, so you’re a buster)
Person #4: Stupid, industrious (oh, you’re dangerous)

I’m no hypocrite, so i’ll openly admit that I used to be a #2, buuut with the creation of the very website that you’re viewing right now, I was forced to upgrade to #1. And I’ve tasked myself to upgrade you (all Beyonce intended). So you better get in the game because if you’re a #2-4, “You gone be hot for a while, but imma be rich forever”


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