Fear of Living

This post may be the most simple post I have ever written for this site. It’s simple………enjoy life and have fun. I came across a video showing a guru who claimed to have the secret to a successful life, but I noticed the video was only 1:30 seconds long. My right eyebrow instantly raised out of curiosity, surely this would be a 3 week miniseries, I mean for God sake we’re talking about the secret to life itself. So I click in utter disbelief, expecting to see a red bar below showing all of the dislikes, or I thought I was going to get “Rick Rolled”. But sure enough this well seasoned gentleman, with a beard as long as Aron’s, pops onto the screen, looks into the lens, and simply explains…… The reason why so many people cant enjoy life is because they constantly live in fear. They either fear what is to come, or they fear what has happened in the past. This fear begins to dictate people’s actions and ultimately gain control of their lives through subconscious fears. The saddest part is that these people fear what they cannot control. You have no input on what shall come exist, or what has existed before. The one thing that you have absolute total control over is NOW! THE PRESENT! CURRENTLY! (okay I think you get my point)

Acting and thinking in the present gives you the power to overcome all fear, and living fearless is the secret to a successful life. You’re Welcome by the way, I could’ve kept that to myself.


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