Light Bulb

Lewis Lattimer, Alexander Graham Bell, Orville & Wilbur Wright, Nikola Tesla, Mark Zuckerberg, & Steve Jobs. Seven men, more than 200 years of age difference, a 3 century gap between technological periods, and 3 different nationalities. So what do these men have in common? A smart answer would be that they all invented something that changed this world as we know it, but that’s obvious. I am looking for a bit more specificity, something on a microscopic scale compared to what these gentlemen have offered mankind. ……….Anything? Alright I’ll explain, all of these guys are a part of an elite club, an organization that only accept a few out of every generation. To my readers who are conspiracy theorists, no it is not the illuminati. This club is only for those who posses a certain power, it doesn’t allow you to jump buildings in a single bound, but not even kryptonite can weaken it. This power gives you the ability to generate an idea, a question, an inclination, a hunch. This is the power of thought, but here is the tricky part, we all have the power of thought, that doesn’t get you in the club, hence the word elite. I can imagine, at one point in history, many people thought of having a light to illuminate, no pun intended, a room instantly, hundreds wished that they could speak to their loved ones without having to write a letter, or ride a horse for days to relay a message. I’m willing to bet a million velvet slippers that the guy who had to ride that horse for days wished that he could just jump in the air and fly to his destination. Every invention has been thought of countless times before its inventor. So I ask what makes these men so special? How did they get in the club? One word, audacity. No matter how many times their inventions were thought of, or how many tried before them, they had the audacity to believe. They had the audacity to persist, when they were told that is was impossible. When people cried from laughter after they expressed their idea, they had the audacity to press forward. After thousands of failed attempts, they had the audacity to try again. This is what separates greatness from mediocrity. Thoughts without action will only become distant memories. That, my friends, is the key gets to getting into the club. I plan on joining the club myself, and i’ll put all of you on the application as a reference.


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