Wall of Perfection

Will Smith said in a past interview that “You shouldn’t set out to build the baddest wall that any one has ever seen, you should first task yourself of laying each individual brick as perfectly as you can, and soon after your wall will become great.” I never knew the importance of that phrase until now, this weekend I finally was able to apply what Will was saying to my life. I aspire to do a lot of things in my lifetime, and I want my work to remain lifetimes after mine has past, but I do realize that I have been dreaming of building that great wall instead of concerning myself with laying that first brick with perfection. That first brick is more important than the wall itself, because it sets the standard. That first brick sets the tempo of how every brick will be laid from this point forward, it is the model of what that wall will soon become to be. So I have torn down my wall of dreams and begun to lay that brick in the most perfect manner possible. The trick is that the first brick is the creator him/herself. We are the first emblem of perfection that must be created, and then we are able to move forward. Now I am well aware that there is only one perfect being known to man, and I would not dare compare myself, or encourage you to do the same, but knowing that perfection is unattainable, it is the pursuit that is glorious. The pursuit of perfection is what will separate your wall from others, because in perfection there are no short cuts or “build-a-wall quick” schemes, only perfection itself. If you consistently and relentlessly pursue perfection, one day you will have to settle for excellence. If you dedicate your life to laying every brick as perfectly as possible, your wall at worst will be greatness. I task you to lay that first brick…….I know I have…..I’ve got a wall to build!


One thought on “Wall of Perfection

  1. My Son, You have done it again…It is good to obtain Wisdom, which is the principle thing. Without Wisdom, Knowledge is useless. You can have a PhD and still be a fool if you have no idea how to apply the knowledge gained. I’ve listened to your dreams and aspirations for not only yourself, but others, to encourage them. God is Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient; reaching past the Universe, infinite in wisdom and Almighty. He desires for us to dream big, reach far ; In Ephesians 3, He says I am able to do exceedingly abundant above all you can ask or think…as far as our Faith in Him can reach and then, even further. He also says in Proverbs, to get wisdom and in all your getting get Understanding. Understanding is what you have gained,in laying your first Brick and the wisdom to accomplish all you endeavor to do, by understanding you needed to step back, examine yourself, your dreams, goals and present, to build a solid foundation…Your First Brick.. God Bless you MOM

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