I google’d the word “vision”, and I read the top two definitions on the page. The first definition was “The faculty or state of being able to see” and the second was”something seen in a dream, trance, or ecstasy; especially : a supernatural appearance that conveys a revelation”. Both of these definitions are meant for the exact same word, but to me they mean two completely different things. The former definition implies the ability to see things in the present, as in actually existing, for example being able to see that beautiful porcelain vase in front of you, and even more beautiful,the two dozen roses that rest inside of it. But the later definition, to me, is something that even the sweet smell of roses can’t compare to. The second definition ironically requires you to close your eyes, no longer bound by physical limitations, then you open your eyes in another realm. You wake up in a place that’s exactly where you want to be, you look to your left and see your beautiful wife still asleep. You sit up in the bed and stretch your arms towards the cathedral ceilings in your bedroom, with the walls littered with golden frames embracing Basquiat’s and Van Gogh’s work. Walking inside your bathroom, you wince because you forgot how cold the marble floors get in the morning, you continue to go through your morning routine, and then the daunting task of choosing what to wear. A walk-in closet that could double as a garage holds a collection of clothing that would make the Duke & Duchess of Windsor jealous. You quickly check you bank account, but it’s so full that you don’t even bother reading the full amount because your eyes get tired before they reach the right-side of the screen. You press a button and you can hear your Porsche Panamera’s engine start from the kitchen. Finally your off to work, that dream job, oh excuse me this is one, your corporation has its headquarters downtown, but you have a breakfast meeting to sign paperwork on the book tour of your NY Bestseller.

This happens to be a snippet of a vision that I been having for a few months now. I close my eyes and visualize where I want to be in the future. I am sure that you have visions as well, please, don’t take them for granted, they occur for a reason. In my personal opinion, we are allowed the beauty of these visions, for whatever reason I can’t pinpoint, but undoubtedly they are supernatural. There is no science to explain visions, and it is certainly not the purpose of this post, the purpose is to recognize the power they possess and the effect they it can have on your life. We all must have a vision of, not where we are, like that vase full of roses, but of where we want to be. A vision is like a spiritual blue print for your life, you create plans and set goals, then you visualize a life where those goals are accomplished. Like I said before, we all have dreams and visions, there is nothing that makes my dream any better than the next man/woman, but there is a difference. The one thing that separates me and my dreams from everyone else, is that the moment  I wake up every day I begin to work towards making that dream a reality. And every day I physically step a day closer to my visions of a California closet, my beautiful wife, and my bestseller. That’s the difference. What are you doing when you wake up?


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