Crush Kors Club

Well as we all know there are many American designer heavy weights, from Paul Smith to King Lipshitz himself, but a presumed underdog has marked his territory and chasing after the competition like it’s the milkman. Michael Kors, formerly known as Karl Anderson Jr., started his fashion designing career in 1981 releasing his line of womanswear in upper echelon retail stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdales, and hasn’t looked back since. His most recent venture is his line of a new wildly popular accessory,the wristwatch, which is normally assumed to be exclusive to men, but not anymore. Of course being the incredible designer he is, he has added a bit of Kors-toure flavor by having tortoise-shell bands and exotic bezels. I recently have decided to acquire a timepiece for myself, considering the price, I am more than satisfied. I bought the “Oversized Runway” version, so French cuffs won’t do, but on the casual days I will definitely be MK’d up. I might even wear with my flight suit. Enjoy!


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