My Own Lane

I was born and raised in Atlanta, home of the Braves, birthplace of the word “shawty,” and known to be one of the fastest growing cities in this nation. But it is also infamously known for it’s traffic, and I am not talking about “ten minutes late” traffic, I mean the “let me turn my car off because I am wasting gas” kind of traffic. Everyone knows that if you plan on going anywhere in Atlanta between 4 p.m. and 6:30 p.m., you should be hitting 85 around 12 noon. Congestion doesn’t even begin to describe what takes place on the highways of my beloved city, but it has become accepted and is a normal factor of every day life for all ATLiens. Every one factors in traffic time now. But I ask, what if you could create your own lane? A lane, just for you, where you can cruise comfortably, and no longer worry about looking into your rear view mirror for oncoming vehicles or that idiot who decides to cut you off without saying thank you. Wouldn’t that be something special?

Now take the literal example of Atlanta traffic and apply it figuratively to your life. I know some of you are asking, “How is that possible Izzy?” Don’t worry shawty, I got you. In many ways you can correlate the physical act of traveling to the spiritual journey that we started once we entered into this world. As we grow as progress as individuals, we are traveling along life’s highway, at a certain age we want to get in the driver’s seat and make decisions on our own, and our parents and loved ones try to warn us of which streets not to go down, but sometimes we don’t want any directions, just want to cruise. So we continue to drive, and we quickly realize that we have to pick a lane to drive in, this seems easy. Most of us say “I’ll just drive in the lane that every one else is driving in,” the “Fast Lane,” this lane has all the joys of life, all the latest fashion trends, a party every day, beautiful women to chase, cute guys chasing after you, all the liquor you can drink, and all the weed you can smoke. And for years you drive in this lane because it’s fun, but you realize that your driving a little slower than you were before, you’re not getting to those exits as fast as you should be, “EXIT 3 COLLEGE GRADUATION,” or “EXIT 7 INTERN AT P&G” now seem so far away.

Then you ask yourself, Why am I driving so slow?, it’s because you chose to drive in a lane that every body chooses, now there’s so many people that the lane is overcrowded, in other words, a major traffic jam. First you look ahead to see where the nearest exit is, EXIT 3 is too far away, then you see all of the wrecks on the side of the road, 1st wreck, teen pregnancy, she had drop out, the 2nd wreck is young man killed because someone stepped on his shoes and he had to look tough in front of his boys. You see many more wrecks, examples of drivers who became victims of the “Fast Lane.” Then you look to your right and you see the other drivers who decided to create their own lane, these lanes are forged with hard work and perseverance. They’re not as glamorous as the fast lane, but it gets you to every exit on time. Yes they are moving a little slower than you were, but they have a full tank of faith and they haven’t slowed down yet. They cruise at a constant speed of progression.

I, myself, tried to live life in the fast lane, but I got tired of crashing, and I realized that when you crash you don’t only hurt yourself, you hurt those who love you. So I prayed to God, and asked him to sent me a new clean car(I am referring to my spirit for those who ride the short bus) and I began to pave my own lane in life. It is a rough ride at times, but the reward is worth the sacrifice. If you’re tired like I was, take my advice, and ask for a new car!!!


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