Posted in December 2011

Little Red Jacket

My CVC embroidered jean jackets have gotten a little buzz on Tuskegee’s campus, but some of my friends have taken it to a new level. I had no idea that they had stamped CVC on anything else besides the jean jacket, but I am both glad and grateful that they would wear these three letters. … Continue reading

Crush Kors Club

Well as we all know there are many American designer heavy weights, from Paul Smith to King Lipshitz himself, but a presumed underdog has marked his territory and chasing after the competition like it’s the milkman. Michael Kors, formerly known as Karl Anderson Jr., started his fashion designing career in 1981 releasing his line of … Continue reading

My Own Lane

I was born and raised in Atlanta, home of the Braves, birthplace of the word “shawty,” and known to be one of the fastest growing cities in this nation. But it is also infamously known for it’s traffic, and I am not talking about “ten minutes late” traffic, I mean the “let me turn my … Continue reading