A Simple Thank You!!!

A majority of you may know, though some may not, exactly how much I appreciate all of my readers. Crush Velvet Club is more a than website, it is a gift, a true blessing from God. I have dedicated my life to CVC, but more importantly what it stands for. “Live.Life.Free.Spirit.Love.Liberate” aren’t just random words that I’ve chosen, these are the pillars on which CVC stands. They’re words that have brought me through many hardships and tests of life. I am sure they will get me through the many more I have yet to endure, but keep in mind that anything worth having will not be easily obtained. The task of collectively uplifting a mass of individuals through culture, enlightenment, and positive reinforcement, is a daunting one to say the least, but to know that I have avid supporters to help me bare this burden is comforting. I don’t mean a burden in the negative context, instead referring to the burden of attempting to accomplish something that hasn’t been done before, accomplishing something that, once mentioned, people laugh and name those who have failed before you. This burden is having the audacity to believe in something radical, implausible, crazy, and then the further audacity to act on this belief.

Many have carried this burden before I existed, David stood before Goliath with three stones, and Dr. King stood before thousands at a mall in D.C., not to mention the countless other men and women who sacrificed the same, many who didn’t have the privilege of fame or national attention. I dare not compare myself to these great men and women who have walked before me, because I am not worthy, but we do have something in common. The hunger for change, the disgust for apathy, the will to make a difference, and a band of believers. No one has experienced greatness based solely on their personal attributions, and I am blessed to have YOU as my band. Everyday you take some of your precious time and give it to CVC, and I can’t thank you enough for that. I can’t assure victory or success, that’s in God’s hands, but I can pledge my fidelity to the belief and audacity of emancipating one’s mind, body, soul, and becoming a human pillar of greatness, that’s in my hands.

I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and continue to spread the word about Crush Velvet Club. I pray for all of my readers everyday. Remember never give up, never give in, and together we will make a difference, one lapel at a time!

-Isaiah BerNarr Hughes


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