So here I am, sitting in a breifing, learning about weather, and how to interpret it over “Dog House” broadcast(airborn stuff) and Stump looks at me. Now “Stump” who also goes by Lt. Col Cooper, who is a retired F-15 pilot with over 3,000 hrs flying experience, and flew countless missions, including Vietnam sorties, is interested in why my classmates keep telling jokes about velvet slippers. So I told him that I had confessed my love for velvet footwear, fashion, and that I had my own website and so forth. Then he asks “So you think you’re pretty dapper LT?” I procceeded to spread my shoulders as far back as my flight suit would allow, and with the utmost confidence replied, “Yes sir,” I was going to stand at attention, but I knew that it would take the edge off. He asked me again, “Are your sure?” and I confessed the same. Then a third time, at this point I felt as though he was insulting me, but he quickly pointed to the fact the his interpretation of dapper was entirely different from mine. My thoughts of being dapper alluded to this…..

….but his looks like this D.A.P.P.E.R. He wrote this acronym on the board. Then proceeded to explain

D– stands for “Dedication”, and without it no one is able to succeed at fulfilling their dreams.
A– stands for “Attitude”, a positive one will take you far, and a negative one will take you far as well, but in the wrong direction.
P– stands for “Passion”, this goes hand in hand with dedication, and having the will to persist in the midst of adversity.
P– stands for “Profesionalism”, you can have all of the passion in the word, but you don’t know how to conduct yourself in the proper manner, the probabilities of success are slim.
E– stands for “Effort”. Remember, no effort no gain. I hear too many “I shoulda” stories when someone else capitalizes on the opportunity you let past.
R– stands for “Responsibility”. For every action there is an equal and seperate reaction, so remain accountable for your actions at all times.

Of course this threw me a little off guard, but I could see the sincerity in his mannerisms and I am greatly appreciative for him taking time out of class to spread knowledge to me. So I had to share with my family. If we all give a little effort (wink wink) towards being D.A.P.P.E.R. young men and women, I am willing to bet a velvet slipper that you would see the benefits of your hard work.


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