Queen Talk by Jessica Gray

Fall is an amazing time of year because it allows you to do..well EVERYTHING, all you have to know is how to put pieces and colors together and the rest is a no brainer. Let’s take colors for example; in Milan, bright colors such as reds, yellows, orange and purples fill their fashion shows while here in New York, at our very own fashion week designers such as Micheal Kors displayed collections focused on neutrals..blacks, grays, tans, etc. Even we can’t deny the color of this fall, the little black dress has some competition this year. Now replacing it in many closets, including my own is “the little green dress”. Yes I said green, jade green is the new color of choice and it goes so well with so many colors. One of the most popular fashion trends this fall is something called “colour blocking”. Its achieved by pairing large blocks of colors next to each other whether they be complimentary, loud, or subtle. Rust is definitely a popular color this fall, pair it with a burnt orange and your guaranteed to turn heads. Got a pair of bright pants from last season? Guess what, throwing on a neutral shirt like gray or camel will make for a comfy, cute look.

The beautiful thing about being a woman who loves fashion is versatility, we’re able to dress anything up or tone anything down with a change in shoe, addition of a scarf or blazer/cardigan, or switch of accessories. For instance, take a plain purple silk blouse and tan tweed trouser combo, this can be worn to the office with conservative shoes and jewelry. Throw on an infinity scarf and leopard print loafers(both of which are very trendy) and your ready to do some window shopping or run errands while staying cozy with a little flair. Maybe you’re going for cocktails with a friend, add a pair of ear rings that dangle, a bold necklace, a pair of penny loafer heels, and you’re ready to mix and mingle. If you dare to do some serious partying, throw on your favorite pair of skinny jeans or any form-fitting bottoms, a navy blazer, tall boots, or steep heels with buckles, a thick bold necklace or choker,¬†chandelier earrings and you are ready to hit the runway!!

Now we can’t talk about accessories without mentioning one of the fashion staples…the hand bag! I LOVE HANDBAGS!!!!!! The right hand bag can do wonders for any outfit! This season, one bag is taking over and its the oversized clutch…its a must have! It comes in all types of colors and shapes, from two tones to nudes, and clutches with fur, prints and snake skin! The possibilities are endless, the textures, prints, patterns, polka dots, sequins, lace, suede, fur, plaids, leather, and silk are taking over this season. The clutch is compatible with everything from dresses, to skirts, to blazers…small touches are popping up everywhere, don’t leave the handbag to the mercy of the plain and simple this fall. Another accessory that has come alive in women’s fashion is the wrist watch. Men have been perfecting the use and versatility of the watch for years and now its TIME for women to get on board…literally! Micheal Kors, being my all time favorite womans watch designer, makes some of the most fashion forward time pieces. If you’re not a fan, I’m sure you’ll find something you like…there’s affordable brands like Fossil and Diesal, then the heavy weights like Fendi and D&G, then everything in between. Pair a large face masculine watch with a stack or bangles for a feminine, chic, fashion forward look.

Now women, we all know that makeup can make or break a look. Brick reds, purples, nudes, sweet pinks and corals are all in this year, and they create a bold look! For me, I like to keep in mind my outfit because you don’t want your makeup and outfit competing for attention. If I do a “make you look twice” outfit…I like a plain face with lots of nudes,defined cheekbones and brows, stricking but soft. If I do a plain oufit…I play up my face more. Do a soft with metallic or glossy eyeshadow or bold deep purple lip with just mascara for the eyes.

I myself am a lover of boutique shopping because you won’t find a million other peices just like it, but other places I like to shop are H&M, Forever 21, Zara, Gap, J.crew, Anthropology, Franchescas, and Express just to name a few. Fashion is everywhere, remember the rule of fall is to Test, BEND, and BREAK the rules of fashion:)


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