Kanye West at Paris Fashion Week

After months of only tidbits of information, which built an enormous ora of mystery, and uncertainty, Kanye finally releases his Spring/Summer Collection for his female clothing line “DW by Kanye West.” With out a doubt one of the premier events of Paris’ Fashion Week, which is ironic considering he is the rookie, but again considering the fact the he is Mr. West and able to do things that some will only dream of. His front row was star studded including Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, olivier Theyskens, Anna Wintour, Terry Richardson, Lindsey Lohan, and Ciara. Kanye’s show looks amazing and his line is full of leather, fur, and well placed zippers. To be honest, I am no where near capable of properly describing or critiquing because of my lack of knowledge and experience with woman’s clothing….but I will say that DW looks amazing and Kanye has ventured into a land where very few have traveled. Im on my way though, I have to take my time and pack carefully.


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