Posted in October 2011

Distinguished Cravat

I was referred to this site by a friend of mine, and he warned me that it was something that I haven’t experienced before. Sure enough I visited DISTINGUISHED CRAVAT and I instantly became a fan. Not only is the product an amazing blend of sartorial greatness and contemporary flare, but the creator, Ms. Kate … Continue reading

Occupy Wall Street

A few pictures of American citizens fighting on behalf of millions and their rights. We have had enough of Wall Street and their Monopoly games, except their playing with our money instead of little purple and blue slips of paper. VIA MY MODERN MET

Queen Talk by Jessica Gray

Fall is an amazing time of year because it allows you to do..well EVERYTHING, all you have to know is how to put pieces and colors together and the rest is a no brainer. Let’s take colors for example; in Milan, bright colors such as reds, yellows, orange and purples fill their fashion shows while … Continue reading