As we all know, Troy Davis, was executed yesterday for the murder of an officer in Savannah,GA. Over the past twenty years, while Mr. Davis awaited his punishment, the case has gained a considerable amount of publicity and support. Many have stated the he was convicted because of the  fact of him being a black male, and it seems as though this would be a fair assessment considering the lack of evidence, but I did a little research and discovered that the jury had 7  blacks and 5 whites. I did a little more research and found that not only was there a lack of evidence, former witnesses who testified against Mr. Troy admitted to lying during the trial, witnesses admitted to being coerced by police, and an appeal  petition signed by almost 1 million people for a re-trial, was denied by the Supreme Court. I find that disturbing, especially after witnessing a caucasian woman be exonerated for the murder of her baby girl because of a lack of evidence. I won’t express my personal opinion at this time, but I do ask all of you to give yours. Do you feel that Mr. Davis has been executed for a crime he is innocent of? Do you feel that his race played a factor in him being found guilty? Has race become a more important factor than evidence? And if so, does this racial injustice occur on a frequent basis? Please leave comments!!


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