“Le Meurice pour que six jours”

I have dreams of visiting Europe on a regular basis, and I imagine that I am not the only person. Listening to “Watch the Throne” (on repeat) has only fueled my drive for world travel. Now in my dreams I picture cathedral ceilings, boutique shopping, and brunch on the patio of  Le Templier de Montmarte, I imagine that Jigga and Ye have gotten used to these delights. But one verse in “Niggas in Paris” kept sticking out to me, and I had to find out what it was…”Ball so hard lets get faded, Le Meurice for like 6 days”……and find out I did.  Le Meurice happens to be a Five Star hotel in Paris. It has been existent for over two centuries, and has a great historical value to Paris. In 1771, it served as a small coaching inn for upper-class British, traveling across the Straits of Dover. The inn was owned and ran by Charles-Augustin Meurice, who owned a coaching service, which would take the visitors through Paris. At that point the inn was located in Calais, and the coach ride was growing increasingly tiresome to Paris. So in 1817 he built a second in Paris. The hotel grew into a hub for British travelers because the entire staff of the hotel spoke English, and guest could easily interact. In 1898 the company “Hotel Meurice” was formed and history was made. From Englishmen in 1771, to the world’s greatest entertainers, Le Meurice has been a constant request. The only difference is, in the 1800’s a room was maybe a few shillings, now rooms can go upward of 4,000 euro, so 6 days in the Le Meurice isn’t cheap. But when you have hundreds of millions of dollars, what’s a couple hundred thousand?? “That sh*t Cray”


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