Posted in September 2011

Video Of Culture

Want free travel tips? From LA to Maine, Benjamin Jenks tried to cram in as many people as he could as he hitchhiked across the USA, fulfilling a dream of his. 5,000 miles and 930 people. Advertisements

Brian M. Viveros

Brian Viveros is an incredible self-taught painter, who has gained a considerable amount of attention from his exotic paintings. Here are a few from his collection.

Muscle at Marina

This weekend there was a National Hot Rod Convention in Historic Panama City, not really big on the auto scene, but non the less, it was a great opportunity to explore my new home and see some great classic cars.

Life’s Ray-Bans

I hope all is well with my velveteers, I just wanted to let you guys know that I pray for the club everyday, and it’s members. I appreciate your love and you’re helping me follow my dreams. So it’s only fair if I give a little advice on following your own. Once you’ve found what … Continue reading