The Duke and Duchess of Style

I often find that so many people become infatuated with whats new and trendy, that they often forget about the history of the very things that they obsess over. A famous quote says that, “You can’t figure out where you’re going, until you know where you’ve been,” simply stating that you must know your history before you try to change the future. So here is a little history for you……..

The Duke (Prince and former King Edward III) and Duchess (Wallis Simpson) of Windsor are often famed to be the most stylish couple of the 20th Century. The duke, who was then King Edward III, stepped down from the throne in order to marry the duchess, who had already married and divorced before. As you may not know, the Monarch strictly forbids divorce or remarrying into the royal family, so abdicating the throne was the only way. That’s true love!

While the Duke is world renown, and frequently regarded as one of the best dressed men to walk this earth, it is the Duchess who complimented his style effortlessly, and in fact, added to his ora of elegance. The Duke, through his own personal style, has created some of the fashion rules that I speak so often of. With his Bespoke tailored suits and famed tuxedos, which both fitted him perfectly, he has become an icon and an idol to most of the designers who are idolized today. Never forget the Duchess, who created a standard of female dress, and showed that sleek, fitting, and sexy garments can still retain the class and self-respect that provocative clothing often sacrifices.


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