Harvest & Blessings

There is a season for everything, a season to plant and  sow seeds, a season for growth and developement, and finally the season of reaping the harvest of your hard work. As you can imagine this method can be applied physically, but it may be applied in a spiritual context as well. Our souls being a field of love and aspiration, our minds planting seeds of joy and hope, and our tongues being tools harvest and determination. We all want to grow abundantly and have a surplus of blessings, and we have been promised this by God, but we must make sure that we are in the right season and our hearts and minds are ready to receive. Patience is the greatest ability that anyone could ever acquire, while others are selling their land for a quick benefit, we must remain steadfast and take care of our fields in the midst of adversity. Everyday we must water our land and prepare it for the harvest to come, and when our season finally arrives, blessings will rain upon our fields so heavily that we wont have enough containers to hold it all. But the only way to reap is to plant that seed, continuously work and watch it grow.


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