Suit Game Proper……

As I have stated many times before, there are general rules to fashion, they ensure the stability and well-being of all dressers, or those who consider themselves to be, and it gives a foundation for those who may not be as savvy as others. There are only general rules because with any more specificity theses rules begin to infringe on personal style, which should never be sacrificed or compromised at any cost. Personal style creates a sense of individualism and stimulates creative thinking, and that is why CVC was created. But there is one guideline that must absolutely be adhered to because, if neglected, it may bring much pain and dismay. A gentleman’s clothing must be, and I mean must in the most definitive of contexts, well-fitted at all times. Ill-fitted clothing is a cardinal sin and you will experience much laughter and the old “sighs, looks down, and shakes head” gesture from any other gentleman/lady in the room. No one deserves to be laughed at, at least not in that manner, and I understand not everyone is conscious of this rule, but don’t fret, I am here.

In a previous post, I explained why tailors are a Gentleman’s Best Friend (take a peek if you haven’t already), the reason why these men/women are so important is because it is their job to make sure you never get laughed at again. Now I am going to give a little advice on how to assure your clothes fit properly, but it is your responsibility to find a professional tailor and build a relationship, because I can only take you so far (I am a rookie myself).

Tip #1….Get your body measurements. In order to ensure your clothes fit properly, you must first know your body measurements.

You can have it done by your tailor, or you can have friend do it for you. In case you want to do it yourself, here is an instructional site Basic Measurements. I advise that you wear a dress shirt, trousers, and hard bottom dress shoes, in order to give realistic measurements, and feel exactly how your garments will fit.

Tip #2…..The suit should be fitting, but comfortable. Men also try to squeeze into their suits as ladies squeeze in their hills or jeans, except woman pull the look off, men, we look horrible.

The fabric creasing at the buttons is a sign of the suit being too small.

Tip #3……There should only be one break in the crease line of the trouser and fall slightly over the laces of the shoe or tongue of the slipper.

Tip #4…….The cuff of your shirt should protrude only .25 to .50 of an inch out of the sleeves of your blazer.

Once again, I am no professional(yet) and there are many other rules of fitting, that I won’t state for the sake of my generation’s attention span, so please inquire with your local tailor. Remember, we are Ladies and Gentlemen of The Crush Velvet Club, take pride in everything you do.


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