Falling Whistles

I came across this organization while doing my daily visits to the numerous blogs that I have subscribed to, at first glance it seemed like, yet another, trend, like Rosary beads, but I continued to read. As my eyes quickly moved from left to right, I realized that this was no trend, it was a humanitarian effort that happened to become as popular as a trend. Falling Whistles is a non-profit organization that sells to whistles for around $34.00 Now you ask, “Why whistles?” Well the whistle originated in Ancient China around 500 years ago, where night-watchman would blow whistles to warn of invading Mongolians. After migrating into England, whistles, or “Fipple flutes,” were used as musical instruments. Realizing it’s versatility, men in history have used it to warn, call for back-up, placed whistles on trains, boats, and even tea kettles.

The origin of this instrument was to alarm, and that is exactly what Sean Carasso, and his staff, are doing. They are alarming the world of the grave acts of indecency that are taking place in Eastern Congo everyday. Here, children are forced to serve in rebel armies, but the ones who are too young to carry weapons aren’t asked to stay home, they are still sent into battle, but armed with only a whistle to warn troops of invasion (sound familiar?).

The purchasing of these whistles raise funds to help feed and educate these children, as well as awareness to the situation. I have ordered 2 whistles and I ask that you support as well. Orders can be placed here…Falling Whistles

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