Velvet Queens

I just want to dedicate this post to all of my female viewers. I realized that I cater a majority of the material here on CVC towards the gentlemen. My intentions are to uplift and educate everyone and I do apologize. I am in no way trying to neglect you or your significance to me and the gentlemen of CVC. A close female confidant (mom) brought it to my attention that CVC is for ALL races, religions, creeds, and walks of life, and that I should be more conscious of this in order to tap into a broader fan base. I’ll be honest, I know little about female fashion and other topics that may interest my female viewers, but I assure you that, with some assistance, I will administer the same quality of material catered to you just as I do the gentlemen. In the mean time, they are posts that do apply to everyone, such as work-ethic and faith. If you wish to assist me please contact me…via email cell 404-903-9659.



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