Posted in August 2011


I introduced the weekly “Video of Culture” and now it’s “Velvet-Stalgia,” music videos that stimulate nostalgic memories. It could be your chilhood, first kiss, first dance, or sitting on the porch listening to music with your cousins (personal one). I may even share a tid-bit of my memories. This is, hands-down, my favorite Kanye Song … Continue reading

Ultimate Feast?

I have been a server at Red Lobster for the past 3 years, buuuuut our Chefs definitely cant do this. >> My Modern Met

Honoring the Dream

Yesterday I spoke of Dr. Martin Luther King’s powerful oratory skills, and his ability to uplift a people who were beaten and demoralized. His words still find a way to prick our hearts and give us joy, but now, not only his words will live on, but his image as well. ¬†As you may, or … Continue reading

The Glory of Oratory

The power of the tongue is one the greatest, but yet underappreciated, powers that a human being could ever possess. The bible regards to the tongue as a “two-edged sword,” meaning that it is able to cut in two manners. First, a manner of positivity and strength, slicing through disparity and hopelessness, speaking of victory … Continue reading

The Duke and Duchess of Style

The Duke and Duchess of Style

I often find that so many people become infatuated with whats new and trendy, that they often forget about the history of the very things that they obsess over. A famous quote says that, “You can’t figure out where you’re going, until you know where you’ve been,” simply stating that you must know your history … Continue reading