A Gentleman’s Scent

As a gentleman, you are held to a higher standard of, well pretty much everything. Manners, etiquette, dress, and intelligence are all key elements of a gentleman’s aura. Once these standards become habitual you start to brand yourself in people’s mind. They recognize the way you walk, speak, laugh, and present yourself, but I am interested in helping you build a brand in people’s noses. I know this sounds ridiculously strange, but trust that I would never lead you astray. We all know that humans have five senses( except I have a Sixth Sense for a well-tailored suit)( Whispers:I see Peak Lapels), but the sense of smell and touch are actually chemical reactions, which unleashes a flood a memories.  Often refered to as “Proustian Memories,” these memories can be pleasant or painful. So why not unleash sexy memories for every young lady every time you walk into the office/classroom/boardroom? The thought of having a signature fragrance is easy, but actually choosing one is the difficult part. What many people don’t know is that you shouldn’t just walk in the mall and buy something. The scent of the perfume/cologne will vary because of the oils in your skin, so that means take your time. Ask for assistance (preferably a female assistant) and carefully choose what scent fits you. If you are still unsure, ask for a sample and do test runs on the scents you’ve chosen. Once you’ve picked a fragerance, it is now important to control the actual application of the perfume/cologne, too many times have I smelled a guy/girl walking in the building and they haven’t even gotten out of the car yet. A single spray to the chest, one to both forearms, and one on your shirt should suffice, but that is my personal routine. Once you have conquered these feats you can now reap the benefits or your hard work. Women will be calling your name before you turn the corner(often smiling) because they know your scent, and if you maintain all other aspects of “Gentlemanship”, your brand will continue to make heads turns and eyes wink.

Oh just to let you know, when we become wealthy gentleman, we will have custom-made fragrances that are constructed from our own body oils. #Crushin


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