Not a Club..A Lifestyle!

I’ve recently experienced, yet another, epiphany concerning the club. It was a vision of what I wanted the company to evolve into, a lifestyle. I don’t just want to sell clothes or have a signature line of custom-made velvet slippers, I want to sell the whole package. Not just dressing well, but speaking well, knowing proper etiquette, and how to carry yourself in a professional manner. Instilling the importance of education, a diligent work ethic, and faith in anyone who has the desire. I want to create “Crush Velvet Courses,” where we teach young men and women how to be gentlemen and ladies, covering everything from proper dress and dating, to interview techniques and even the most detailed things like posture. Yes, at CVC we will enjoy the finer things in life, nice houses and beautiful cars. We drink Perrier-Jouet  in our Swarovski crystal glasses and eat Filett0 al Barolo aboard a yacht in Capri (Italy). This is what I want for all of us, but with great power (money/influence) comes an even greater responsibility. So let that trip to Capri be a vacation, a vacation from creating scholarship funds for students who want to better themselves through secondary education(TU!!). A vacation from finishing the paper work on the new Rent and Food Assistance Program for underprivileged families, a vacation from building that after-school program where kids don’t just play, but interactively learn about other cultures. I want an annual “Crush Velvet Conference,” a lot like the “G-20 Summit,” but where corporations band together and discuss ways to bring culture and art to cities around the world. This is what I envision for us in the future, but I most definitely can’t accomplish this by myself, I must keep God first and I need you guys, the Velveteers. It is a long road ahead of us, but if we keep our People’s Elbow mentality, we will accomplish things that were thought to be impossible.

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