Passion Room

It has become very popular, for those who can afford it, to install a “Panic Room” in their homes. This room is built to protect the home’s owner and their most prized possessions in case of an intrusion. These possessions may include a wide range of things like important documents, priceless artifacts, or simply their lives. Here at CVC we also promote the thought of  a special room, but the difference is that this room protects your spiritual and mental well-being.  A “Passion Room” not only protects but stimulates creative thinking and new ideas. Its a place where you relax and indulge in the pleasures of your heart, no matter what is taking place, once you step inside this room you feel free and safe. Personally, my passion room will be filled with spools of  hand made fabrics, rows of velvet slippers, and a sketch pad and pencil. Take the time and figure out what would be in your passion room, when you’ve figured it out, work towards making that room a reality.


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