The Foundation: Blue Blazer

Classic Prep

Another neccesity for the “New Age Gentleman” is the Blue blazer, I personally prefer that you  purchase the entire suit for versatility purposes, but that will be discussed in a future post. The Blue blazer is largely associated with the “school boy” or “preppy” style of dress, and the Blue Oxford Blazer, to be more specific, is the staple of this style (Oxford meaning the Gold buttons). Although the Oxford is a shoo-in, a regular solid blue blazer will suffice. This blazer can be worn in multiple ways, paired with colored chinos, grey trousers, or even chino shorts on a hot summer day. Again gentlemen, from the board room meeting to that “after hours meeting” with the secretary from the third floor, this blazer will keep you stylish and elegant, and we all agree that every Velveteer should always be stylish and elegant.

One Blazer:Two Trousers






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