The Foundation: Black Suit

As I have previously stated, every gentleman/lady should have their own individual style, it’s your signature (like those corny phrases at the end of all of your text messages). Fashion is an art form that illustrates your individualism, but there are some basic ROP’s (Rules of Purchase) that every gentleman should abide by. These rules help you create a “fashion starter kit,” which is the foundation to a magnificent wardrobe. The first and most imperative in this foundation is the all black suit.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Mr. West

Every one, from Joe Schmuck to Yeezy himself, should be conscious of the power of the black suit. This is the part when you ask, “Izzy, why is this suit so powerful?” To simply put it, versatility. Versatility is the little light that shines at the end of the long, dark tunnel called “Fashion Norms”. Yes this suit can, in some cases must, be worn to interviews and is a regular occurrence in corporate offices everywhere, but that it just from 9-5. At 5:15 on Friday evening, this can be, with a little creativity, be transformed into an eye-catching outfit that gets the attention of the girl you’ve been flirting with on the third floor.(*WARNING: Nice outfits do not guarantee female accompaniment)

Jo Bros.

Unfamiliar Model/Very Familiar Look

Keep a nice pair of canvas sneakers in the back seat for that 5-9 job.

I want to be "Finally Famous"

In some cases simply removing the necktie will suffice.( I wouldn’t advice the gold chains and bracelet. He is a rapper, we are not)

And the list goes on with possibilities, pair the blazer with jeans, add a vintage t-shirt, take off the blazer and put on a cardigan, so many options from just two articles of clothing. This purchase is somewhat of a requirement, but I am requiring you to think outside of the box after you get it. What is even more important that you purchase thos suit is the actual suit you plan on buying. When in comes to suits, the fit is the key to making yourself look good. You can buy a $1000 suit, but if it doesn’t fit you just waisted a rack. On the other hand, you can buy a $200 suit and if it fits right, people will think you paid $1000 for it. The silhouette is imperative, a good silhouette (the form the suit takes on your body) will curve inward at the arm holes and softly curve outward at the waist. It gives the huskiest gentlemen a slim illusion. The degree of these curves are classified into their own categories, a classic fit will have suttle curves, but a moder/slim fit will have stronger curves along with slimmer sleeves, trousers and smaller arm holes. If you are looking for a classic fit then Jos A. Banks gives an ernormous selection with great sales, but for the moder man Hugo Boss, Indochino, and Kenneth Cole offer great deals for quality suits.

Best Dressed Dogs


2 thoughts on “The Foundation: Black Suit

  1. Definitely the right place to start. This is an idea I have myself for my first suit, but later on it would be good to go more in depth on what to purchase and what kind of suit/jacket fits what occasion.

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