Two Breasts & A Wing Tip

There are multiple things that a gentleman should have in his closet, of course there are only generic rules because any more specificity would hinder creativity and personal style. I do love the contemporary men’s fashion trends but I, personally, want to take fashion back to the 30’s and 40’s, when gentlemen puffed a Montecristo in velvet smoking  jackets for recreation and gaberdine pants were all the rage. There were no t-shirts, just leather braces and freshly pressed shirts with french cuffs and Fremont collars(google it). Prohibition was a beautiful era(as far as fashion is concerned) and double-breasted suits bring the strongest sense of nostalgia. The design originated from the Naval “Reefer” jacket (Peacoat), and became insanely popular during the  late 1920’s.

Fred Astaire

CVC Uniform!

Usually banking execs wear these suits but with recent appearances in movies like Inception and X-Men, plus hit shows like Board Walk Empire everybody and their granfather wants one(but grandaddy probably already has one).

Saville Row

Tom Ford Mens Wear

Here at CVC we are partial to a nice pair of slippers with anything that has a lapel and DB suits are the epitome of a perfect ensemble, but we can’t refute the fact that wingtips are capable of offering the same satisfaction and has always been a worthy opponent. Originally named the Brogue Shoe, it can be traced back to Scotland named after the term “brogueing,” basically a work shoe. Constructed with a sturdy leather upper for countrymen and Scotland’s wet terrain, it has now evolved into a multifaceted form of footwear and is worn by all in different settings.

Full Brogue

Giambi Oxford Wingtip

Wingtip boot by Alden


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