Grace & Faith

This time no pictures, just tears of joy and sincere prayers of thanks. Here at MH300 I look forward to having readers of all religions, races, creeds, and ethnicities, so I do want to remain conscious of this and careful not to offend anyone. Buuuut I will not compromise my belief in a higher being (specifically God and his son Jesus Christ), so if you have a different religious affiliation that is completely find, hopefully you just choose to not read the particular post and not cut me off completely(because I love my readers). This weekend I’ve become the prodigal son, lost in a world of alcohol and other worldly ambitions I, once again, drunk myself into a stupper, and as I lay on the cold tiles, weak from dry heaving because I had nothing else to vomit, I realized that wasn’t the life for me. At that moment I rededicated my life to God and gave up alcohol and practicing celibacy until I meet my rib(wife). Then God blesses me with $4,000 dollars for summer school and other So I am a new man, with a thirst for knowledge, success, and more importantly, doing God’s will. I’m destined to do great things, but flying planes will only get me so far. I have a heart for the people, I want to inspire you guys/gals and be there for you when you need a friend. This is not just my blog about fashion, this is OUR blog concerning everything under the sun. Feel free to reach out to me and lets live this life together, sharing our experiences. Remember Live Well & Prosper!


One thought on “Grace & Faith

  1. I randomly found this page, You’re individuality and humbleness is an inspiration, I lowkey peeped game (fashion-wise) at school. I vibe with all these blog post, and I left this comment just to let you know you’re message is being heard n I would support it anyway I can

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