No Laces!

I figured if I don’t slow down soon my first meeting of Shoppers Anonymous will go like this. ” Hi, my name is Izzy Agnelli, and I am addicted to velvet slippers,” and the crowd says “Hiii Izzy.” But I don’t think I’ll ever be clean. I’ve tried cold turkey but they “Just keep callin me man”(Chris Rock Voice).  I get my biggest fix off of, yep you’ve guessed it, velvet slippers(aka God’s gift to feet). They first originated in Vietnam to show a level of prominence, Japan used them to accommodate guests of western civilizations who were uncomfortable taking their shoes off at the door, which was customary in Japan. Of course Great Britain took this and revamped it during the Victorian era creating the Albert Slipper, and what we know it to be now.  But the original slippers were made with leather uppers until the great Michael Angelo( not the ninja turtle) embellished them with velvet to match his gowns. Fast forward a couple of centuries, and these slippers have gone from exclusively indoor evening wear to being dressed with denim and a linen double breasted blazer(my favorite). Every great man of fashion had a signature style that set him apart, Gianni Agnelli wore a watch over  his perfectly tailored cuffs(sprezzatura), and George Washington Carver wore a fresh flower on his lapel every day(TU). So I am committing myself to velvet slippers( and leather loafers for rainy days), hit me up if you want to join the #CrushVelvetClub!

My Future Closet!

My Future Closet!

The Basic

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Spring Time

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