Posted in June 2011

The Foundation: Black Suit

The Foundation: Black Suit Continue reading


Dream Do-er!

Recently I’ve had an epiphany. I now know what I want to do for the rest of my life. Of course I’ll be spending the next 10 or so years flying planes for the United States Air Force, and I take great pride and pleasure in serving my country, but I know where my heart … Continue reading

Two Breasts & A Wing Tip

Two Breasts & A Wing Tip

There are multiple things that a gentleman should have in his closet, of course there are only generic rules because any more specificity would hinder creativity and personal style. I do love the contemporary men’s fashion trends but I, personally, want to take fashion back to the 30’s and 40’s, when gentlemen puffed a Montecristo … Continue reading

7 Figure Ent.

The hard work and diligence of 7Fig Ent and Quintessential Collections gave life to yet another high profile event. Located at the 595 North Venue and Lounge, people from all over Atlanta gathered for the model competition and to see who would be the face of the company(7Fig). With an ambience reflective of Atlanta night … Continue reading

Grace & Faith

This time no pictures, just tears of joy and sincere prayers of thanks. Here at MH300 I look forward to having readers of all religions, races, creeds, and ethnicities, so I do want to remain conscious of this and careful not to offend anyone. Buuuut I will not compromise my belief in a higher being … Continue reading