I recently had to make a trip back to my hometown, Atlanta,GA (SWATS,Zone4,Campbellton Rd to be exact) to take a few tests for my degree. I quickly realized that I spent entirely too much time in Alabama. Although I grew up in this magnificent city, I was just a minor and did not experience the nightlife, which includes the boutiques, bars, clubs, or restaurants. Also with me having a part-time job in Auburn, I haven’t had the opportunity to come home often either. So after the tests, me and the little/big homie Nick went out. First stop, SHOUT!

Inside and.......

Inside and.......

Litlle/Big homie put me on to this place, which is in the same building V-103 is located, he also introduced me to it’s $10 Tuesdays.  For ten Washingtons,  you can have all the sushi your chopsticks can hold, and its half-off on every bottle of champagne and wine. So I had a couple of crunchy-shrimp rolls with a bottle of Debortoli Sparkling Moscato.


Me being the fashion enthusiast and clothing connoisseur that I am, I couldn’t depart without acquiring a few items for my collection. So of course I hit up the usual spots to get my fix. My taste has surpassed retail clothier because of the mass production of their items (I’m a boutique, 1 of 1, can’t find this anywhere else kinda guy), but you can always rely on them for the staples of your wardrobe. I showed Nick the first lesson in Shopping 101, you see an item you like, get it in every color. I also visited  boutique in Little Five Points, but I decided that I had spent enough, so I owe them a rack or two when I come back in July.

H&M Straight Fit Chino Short

Urban Outfitters Variety Socks

When I was leaving from Little Five Points I saw this massive structure out of the corner of my eye. After pulling over, I found that these were ladders  strategically placed to look like they were falling.  A real exhibit outside, right in front of the Martin Luther King Center.

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