M.Blue/7Fig Familia!!

Every great innovator this world has ever experienced did not do it on his/her own; they had a team. Julius Caesar had the Roman Army and Michael Jordan had Kukoc, Scottie, and Denis. Even O.J. couldn’t have gotten off with Cochran and his team of lawyers. So its only fitting that I have my team as well. Now please don’t misconstrued where I’m going with this. I am, in no fashion, comparing myself to any of these men and their feats that have riddled history books and popular magazines for years(in Caesar’s case centuries). I am also not referring to me as the main player with only a cast of associates. But what I do have in common with these gentlemen is a team that will shock the world. We’re more like a family, all Tuskegee Alumni, some sooner than others, but more importantly we all share a thirst for greatness. Not just for capital gain, in my opinion we would rather get paid in fans, the power of influence has a far greater return than any dollar could offer(especially in this economy). First we have to let the world know that “The Renaissance is here,” so from hosting parties at the Soul Inn, to fashion shows in Atlanta, we are spreading the word. GET READY……

Keep the Locs On!!

Sir Pezo


CEO & Founders

Disaster Relief Party

The Ladies!


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