I Wanna Live..Italian Style!

Some people get caught up in the lifestyle of fame and glamour, lusting for diamonds, cars, and clothes. Well…..I can understand the clothes part, but that desire can quickly become an addiction, and if you so happen to lose that position its a long  fall down back to  where you started. Reality has a way of smacking you in the face and putting things in perspective. Some call it karma, others say its God trying to get your attention from the limelight. But there is a place where every man has a tailor-made suit, and woman a Gucci clutch. It’s not Hollywood, I often refer to it as the mecca, others call it Italy, and 60,221,211 people call it home. Soon to be 60,221,213 once I retire from the USAF, I’ll take my single engine Cessna 183 Skylane to “The Boot” and set-up shop with my wife (kids will be grown).

I adore Italy because everything is produced with a quality standard, and of course it is affordable (no export taxes to ship to America). From the premier silk to the freshest grape vineyards, Italy offers something that only a few countries can.


DB Patch Pocket Linen Blazer

Of course my friends and family know that I am addicted to fashion, but I am a rookie, I don’t even have my degree in tailoring yet. But even the most novice of fashion enthusiast can see that there is a standard of dress like none other in Italy. No 4x tall tees, snap-backs, and glittery fake chains. Trade in the snap-back for a Fedora , that Jesus piece for a double windsor knot, and those J’s for Velvet slippers (preferably Stubbs & Wooton).

DB Blazer and Velvet Slippers

Italian Style!!

Italians are considered the rebels of fashion, setting themselves apart with soft shoulder lines, no vents, and bold statements with color (as you can see to the left). You don’t shop in gargantuan malls and shopping centers, streets filled with boutiques offer a surreal shopping scene and exclusivity that you just can’t seem to find in America.

Italian Boutiques

Of course the cuisine speaks for itself. Instead of that Fatburger with a large fry and a milkshake, you should try the Beef Braciole cooked in a tomato and wine sauce with a side of Risotto Milanese and garlic mashed potatoes. Then wash it down with a Cabernet that was grown across the street.

No Mcdonald Here.


3 thoughts on “I Wanna Live..Italian Style!

  1. Wow! what a great website! I can see that you have great style. Get in touch with me. I am into italian fashion. Velvet slippers; dark navy suit. EVIL!!!

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