Posted in May 2011


I recently had to make a trip back to my hometown, Atlanta,GA (SWATS,Zone4,Campbellton Rd to be exact) to take a few tests for my degree. I quickly realized that I spent entirely too much time in Alabama. Although I grew up in this magnificent city, I was just a minor and did not experience the … Continue reading

Mental Emancipation

I sit back and I observe what today’s society has to offer, and it seems that the possibilities are endless. You can barely graduate from high school and become a multi-millionaire by the age of 22. So why is it that so many people settle for the spoils of apathetic half-witted ambition? I think it … Continue reading

M.Blue/7Fig Familia!!

Every great innovator this world has ever experienced did not do it on his/her own; they had a team. Julius Caesar had the Roman Army and Michael Jordan had Kukoc, Scottie, and Denis. Even O.J. couldn’t have gotten off with Cochran and his team of lawyers. So its only fitting that I have my team … Continue reading

I Wanna Live..Italian Style!

Some people get caught up in the lifestyle of fame and glamour, lusting for diamonds, cars, and clothes. Well…..I can understand the clothes part, but that desire can quickly become an addiction, and if you so happen to lose that position its a long ¬†fall down back to ¬†where you started. Reality has a way … Continue reading