Two Words:Crush-Velvet!!

Tim Teezy!

Cocktail with a Splash of Velvet!

Spring semester is winding down and partying is no longer reserved for just the weekend. Between my 21 credit hours of classes, Wing Commander at my Detachment, and a part-time job slangin’ cheddar cheese biscuits, there is very little time for myself. But when I do have time I like to relax, I do it  with my Midnight Blue/7FigEnt Familia. After typing 15 page papers and running 5 miles a week this time is much needed. I’m not too big on parties with huge amounts of people, I hate sweating in my suits, so kick-backs and small venues are a prefered method of entertainment.. On these glorious occasions each gentlemen/lady picks their poison and partakes in good music, laughter, and another set of memories.  The irony of this is that my friends and I still end up gettin’ wild and I’d rather it happen in the comfort in my small apartment, where everything is permissible, no explanations needed. Although every now and then we partake too much and wake up in the morning with nothing but boxer briefs, velvet slippers, and a  massive headache (or is that just me?).  I am not the biggest fan of my institution, but it has blessed me (through the grace of God) with a career and friendships that will last for a lifetime, and for that, I thank you Mother Tuskegee.

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